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Show and Tell – Meet Pebbles and Maggie!

While I’m anxiously waiting to see the beautiful images from Carolin’s trip, I decided to share some images of my own. These happen to also be the inspiration of our newest Pinterest board, For the Love of Dog. Meet Pebbles and Maggie!

Pebbles, who is about six years old, was adopted summer 2012, which was the same time I was studying for the NCIDQ exam – walking her was a great stress reliever! She’s had a few health issues in the last year, but has become a completely different girl – playful and energetic! Don’t get me wrong, she still knows how to sleep.




Last November, a family friend told us about a dog that needed to be adopted as her human mom had passed away and family couldn’t take her. We got a bit of information from the family, including pictures and discovered that she went to the same Vet as Pebbles. Our meet up with her and Pebbles went without a hitch. A quick chat with the Vet and a brief review of her medical records told us that she’s 14! But you’d never know if you just glanced at her. She easily keeps up with Pebbles and they have quickly become quite the pair. Hard to believe they haven’t grown up together.




During Maggie’s first few weeks with us, she and Pebbles had the first opportunity to visit the beach while spending Thanksgiving in Florida with family. It was so much fun to watch them in the sand and water. Both loved to chase the birds and actually played around a bit in the water!

 Pebbles and Maggie on Beach

We are adding things to Pinterest often, so don’t forget to check out our boards, especially the ‘For the Love of Dog’ board! 

Our Pets and Our Homes

It’s not a secret to most that I’m a huge animal lover, especially dogs. Pets have always been in my life, and currently my heart belongs to two female beagle mixes. Like other pet owners, not only am I continually reading up on what’s new in pet care and what I should be doing to best care for them, but I’m also looking for various ways to keep my house from feeling like it’s completely run by the dogs in my life. To assist in keeping these new findings organized, and to share with our clients, friends and family, I’ve created a new Pinterest board, For the Love of Dog. Here, I’ll share new products, great accessories (for our pets and the home), and much more, including other pet related ideas to assist in keeping a home functional for ourselves and our pets. Here are few that I’ve come across recently:


Two-piece ceramic dachshund bookend set in glossy white:

Two-piece ceramic dachshund bookend set in glossy white

Luxury Dog Beds:

Luxury Dog Beds

Dog Pod:

Dog Pod



I apologize in advance if most pins revolve around dogs, but I will try to be fair in my posts. Please feel free sharing some of your favorite findings or if you have suggestions on something I should keep in mind as I research. Enjoy!