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Robin Kent Captures the Beauty in Antarctica

Robin Kent continues to travel the world and capture the life and beauty of each locale with his amazing photography. Last Tuesday evening, he shared his latest adventure in Antarctica with an audience of fans and photographers at the Cherrydale Branch Library in Arlington. He explained how he shoots a number of shots of the same landscape and then merges them together into one, broad image. He spoke not only of the scenery and the timing of the photos, but also of how he planned for the trip.

He shared an image of the cameras, lenses, batteries, etc. that made it into the bag at fifteen pounds – the maximum carry-on weight. He followed with an image of his wife Laurie’s photography equipment – her cell phone!

Check out his Antarctica portfolio. Two of our favorite images are 1) the mountains and 2) the whale fin in full view. (We also enjoyed Laurie’s video of the lively and talkative penguins.) His photos will be on exhibit until November 2nd.

A wonderful presentation, a wonderful couple. And they are wonderful clients as well!

The Design Exchange Team