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Our Colorful World

Every year we hear about the color of the year. Remember the 2014 Pantone color of the year? Radiant Orchid! There was quite a bit of orchid (and other shades of my favorite color – purple) at the High Point Furniture Market this year. However, it did not dominate the scene. In the past all one had to do to learn the “in” color of the season was go through two showrooms. The “in” color was in both and one knew that it would be visible everywhere. This spring was different. There was a variety of color displayed by national and international manufacturers.

The truth is there is almost no limit to color choice. Over the past decade we have all become more open to color in our homes. Furniture companies began offering a few color options for their fine wood pieces to test the market. This year the choices are vast. Some showrooms say any Benjamin Moore paint color, others say any Sherwin Williams paint color can be specified on their products.
Have you looked at a paint fan deck recently? You will see over three thousand hues. Today the real question is what is YOUR favorite color? You get to choose your favorite for the perfect accent piece.
Overwhelmed? One can always hire an interior designer to give some guidance.


PS: Our Sherwin Williams rep came by last week and brought us beautiful nail polish in Exclusive Plum SW6263, their 2014 Color of the Year!

PPS: Let’s not forget how beautiful the colors of natural wood finishes are. They provide the perfect background for our lives and the rainbow of color around us.

Positive Color Vibes for 2014 and Beyond

A designer friend, Annette Phillips, ASID emailed me recently, saying that this must be my year. Pantone had just announced Radiant Orchid as the color of the year. Everyone who knows me is well aware that PURPLE in all its’ various, beautiful tints and shades, is my favorite hue. I enjoy seeing purple almost everywhere I go – not just at home. Look around and you will see purple everywhere. Now look again, what other colors do you see? There is a great variety of color in our world today.

Here is the true beauty about color this year, last year, and probably for years to come. We no longer have the mauve decade, the harvest gold and avocado green decade. Global communication opens our eyes to combinations of colors that intrigue us. We have almost any color we desire available to us all the time, every year. Manufacturers even provide fan decks from top paint companies for our own custom finish on case pieces. Fabric showrooms feature selections in every shade one can imagine. Fabric designers mix beautiful combinations into inspired, exciting patterns.

Color, your color, carefully planned and implemented, enhances your environment. Enjoy it.


PS – If you view our website, you will see purple in our logo and pages about us but you won’t see it in the images of client spaces. Their rooms are in their favorite colors!