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Earth Day Every Day at Design Exchange

Earth Day QuoteLast Wednesday was Earth Day and #EarthDayEveryDay was trending on Twitter. This is a statement we try to embody here at Design Exchange.

As a business, we try to minimize our carbon impact by recycling everything we can: discarded paper, old magazines, cardboard packaging, empty ink cartridges, just to name a few. Additionally, we donate all of our out-of-date samples to local interior design schools. To save paper, we utilize auto bill pay options and submit orders via email when we can.

When we renovated the office, we installed a filter for water to eliminate the use of bottled water. For our appointments outside of the office, we always fill up a reusable bottle and Kayla has even started using her own cup for those afternoon Starbucks pick-me-ups!

For projects, we source from local vendors whenever possible, since decreased travel mileage reduces carbon footprint. We always select quality materials for our designs that are more durable and reduce waste because they don’t need to be replaced as frequently. Plus, many of our vendors incorporate recycled materials and other sustainable practices into their business as well, which cuts the environmental impact even more!

We continue to educate ourselves and our clients about sustainable design and follow LEED procedures when possible. And we are proud to share that Irina is working towards obtaining LEED Associate credentials from the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

We’re constantly looking for new ways to lessen our environmental impact and make Earth Day Every Day.

What steps do you take to reduce your carbon footprint?

The Design Exchange Team