The Process

Every successful project is the result of following a proven design process.The first step is meeting the design team to know that they have the required expertise to obtain the desired goal. A close collaboration between the client and the designer with open communication is essential to a gratifying experience on the journey to a beautiful environment.

Initial Meeting, Onsite or at Design Studio
– Discuss project requirements, problems and goals
– Share preferences of style, color, formality, life style, etc.
– Expectations, decision making, desired time frames
– Decide if this is the optimum partnership for client and designer

Letter of Agreement
– Design fee proposal provided to spell out specific details of project
– Denotes designer and client responsibilities
– States estimated design fees, subject to additions and/or revisions
– Requires retainer

Site Visit
– Review existing space, field measure
– Inventory, digital photos, notes
– Additional discussion and planning

Design Development
– Prepare preliminary drawings, space plans, elevations
– Research: Cabinetry, furnishings, lighting, flooring, fabrics, etc.
– Consult with contractors, suppliers
– Client meetings for review, onsite and/or in studio
– Finalize space plans, lighting and electrical plans
– Finalize furnishings, fabrics, finishes, etc.

Present Final Plans for Approval
– Prepare working drawings for client and contractors
– Purchase proposals for items to be purchased by design team
– Consult with other contributors to project

Project Management
– Review documents from contractors and suppliers as requested
– Coordinate start dates
– Schedule optimum work flow to completion
– Be on site for installations as requested by client

Walk Through
– At completion of project, to assure client expectations are surpassed